Season Two

Another compelling story with much research to be gone through. We have been working hard to find the real facts and discover the real narrative to this story.We hope you will join me in October as we explore this riveting case.

Season One

One unsolved crime has divided a community for more than a decade. This season on Framed we will go beyond the narratives and try to answer the question of what happened one fateful night in 2002. 

Since 2012, Generation Why Podcast has been recorded without scripts. Justin & I simply prepare by reading as much as we can on topics and then we meet at my house to record. Minutes before we start, we decide on how we want to tell the story. From the beginning? The middle? Then we record.

Working on this new podcast has been a different kind of challenge. I am working with someone other than Justin and we each have our responsibilities. He is researching and writing while I work on recording, social media and launch planning. Our meetings take place by phone as we don't live near one another.

I believe in this podcast and I hope that you will find it informative and compelling. We have thousands of documents and going through them and putting together a complete and unbiased view of this case is no easy task. But we've made a lot of progress over the past four or five months. In the next few weeks things will start ramping up on my end.